Monday, November 3, 2008

Where can I find Phoenix Odyssey?

I know, I doesn't exist but it definitely should. Finally, this article has kind of inspired some thinking about our final project. I have some idea of where to start but it also seems like the possibilities are endless. In reading the Phoenix Odyssey idea I loved the concept of the learning planner "considering and utilizing the individual's abilities and needs". What a concept! It seems like common sense yet we don't really do it. Of course we are currently bound by standards based, testing and results but I tend to wonder what the outcomes would be like if kids were studying what they liked, what they were interested in and what they were good at. If we developed their personal skills and augmented with the basics...the sky could be the limit. This type of program would also be using a higher ed perspective in which students can study what they want and where they can thrive. I also wonder how a program like this could benefit our identified "at-risk" populations. Thinking about the special education student, the EL student, the SES student, the migrant student, the minority student, the gifted student and the list goes on and on. Meeting the needs of our students at their level to be able to propel them to higher places should always be our goal.


cAnDiCe said...

How do we ensure that goal is valued and lived by educational leaders?

Karla said...

You're absolutely right. I think that regardless of how technologically advanced we become, we are always going to have to rely on human integrity.