Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gaga for Google

The Getting Past Google article last week made so much sense to what I see everyday at work. Kids today are so attached to "technology" daily for everything. As I shared last week, we have so many rules at school against bringing technology to school when we as the adults can't do without. Why don't we just use the tools to our advantage rather than ban them? We may be able to get students excited and motivated to become more involved in school if we are open to using some of the things that they're in to. I attended the Governor and First Lady's Conference for women last week. They were talking about motivation, inclusion, involvement and opening doors for women. Although technology was something that was dicussed in one of the conversations one of the main things that was also shared is the importance of motivating girls and women by using things that are of interest to them so that there is a type of buy in already. This blog has kind of turned in to random thoughts but to try to tie it together, I wonder if we prepare our students with high technological ability does that guarantee motivation? One last thing that probably has nothing to do with what I've written but after reading this article, I hadn't realized how often I use Google myself! It's my first stop when I'm lookin for anything. It's been kind of interesting to have that awareness.

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