Sunday, February 1, 2009


When I read the different assignments for this week I felt that the common themes were personal communication. In an organization there is a certain type of management style.Inevitable changes need to occur, sometimes to make things good and sometimes to make things better. In thinking about interventions it is important to take the individual into account. The main thing is to make people feel that you believe in them so that they want to perform better. If they are made to feel valuable and validated, they will want to perform because at that point they become invested in the "emotional setting". The idea that I was working on last week about being SOCIAL beings in an EMOTIONAL setting is really well illustrated with the articles from this week. One of the article states that empowering employees to do their best and empowering them to make change is effective in successful transformations. I agree with this idea because it works the social being part in the empowerment of employees and the setting becomes emotional with the employees' personal investment in wanting to perform well. Another article stated that the "central concept could be the depth of the individuals' emotional involvement in the change process". Again, this illustrates the philosophy of the employee as a "social being in an emotional setting".